Prepare for your Audition or Evaulation

Thinking about becoming a New York Actor? Here are some tips on how to make a good first impression.

Rule Number 1: Don’t Be Late – Arriving late to an audition can cause castings professionals to view you as unreliable. If possible, always leave home with extra time to spare. You never know what kind of traffic or subway delays you might hit or whether or not you will get lost on a detour.

Rule Number 2: Memorize your line ahead of time – or a monologue you enjoy, and practice . Actors and actresses make a living out of being realistic, so do a warm up before going on any casting call to ensure that the material is fresh and your emotions are believable.

Aside from the previous acting tips, it is equally important to always dress professionally, come positive  and come prepared. Acting is a real business. Keep your dress professional and neat, and avoid any distracting patterns.

Latitude Talent Studios is a multi-faceted talent marketing firm for models and actors.

Our objective is to cultivate and expand talented individuals by utilizing our base of resources and support to begin and advance models and actors of all experience levels.

Our unique approach has connected talent to opportunities from NBC, ABC, MTV, VH1 Networks, Universal Pictures, New York Fashion Week and many more.

If you have the passion and desire to be in the industry and you are ready to take the first step, apply now at

Check out Latitude on Instagram or Latitude Facebook

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