Netflix Series Casting Call Featured Roles Nationwide


Casting Directors are looking for a wide variety of actors and models to work in scenes set to film this Summer in New York.

The Central Park Five plot will be brought to life in a new dramatic series for Netflix created by Ava DuVernay, The narrative, five-episode Netflix series will be executive produced by Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King from Participant Media, Oprah Winfrey/Harpo Films, Jane Rosenthal and Berry Welsh from Tribeca Productions, and DuVernay.

Casting Call Details

Dates: July 2018

Where: New York

Further details of this casting are below. To attend a Latitude evaulation, and learn more about our company and how to receive additional castings, complete the talent application.

Talent Application


Casting for this production seeks actors to play the role of:

[Antron]  African American. Small in stature and wiry, 4’11” tall, approx. 90 pounds. Described as somewhat timid and non-aggressive, the type of teen who does his chores and is home by curfew.

[Kevin Richardson], Baby-faced with a chunky, athletic build. A polite teen with interests in music and jazz.

[Korey Wise] 16 years old . African-American. 5’2″, a tender but tough ease to him.

[Yusef] MALE, African-American. Nerdy and cool. An A.P. (advanced placement) student, strikingly tall and beanpole thin, 6’3″ tall.

[Raymond Santana], 14 years old . Mixed ethnicity of Puerto Rican and African American. Described as having an open quality in personality of humor and play.

They are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

If interested and available please send the following information to:

Talent Application


One thought on “Netflix Series Casting Call Featured Roles Nationwide”

  1. I am 6’2 Mixed (African American/ Spanish) I would call and society would call me light skinned. I’m not the most muscular I weigh 162 lbs on the skinny side. I play pro basketball but I feel like I’m perfect for acting.


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