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Skin Care Tips for Models and Actors

Maintaining a fresh face is important if you are trying to land a modeling agent or a talent booking.
When attending your first test shoot or photo shoot, most talent automatically want to pile on the makeup thinking it will make their photos look flawless. While that may work for glamour shots or personal family photos, a professional model should always be natural.
Simple skincare routine’s models have been known to follow include washing your face with a product that contains ingredients that will not cause an allergic reaction and are sensitive on the skin (oil free). A dermatologist is also a model’s best friend; always consult with a professional when it comes to your beauty needs.
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What to Wear to a Casting Call

Just as important it is for a aspiring actor to find and attend auditions whether it be open calls or one-on-one bookings, it is just as important to come prepared to an audition dressed and ready to put your best foot forward.

When attending an audition, it is best to be sure to wear form fitting clothing that flatter your body shape. Do not try to be experimental when attending an audition as you should be the main focus in front of a casting director, not flashy clothing that take away from you or your personality.
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