Latitude Talent Studios is a  tech-powered platform for models and actors of all backgrounds. Our New York studio allows talent to create unique, high-impact content designed to resonate with the industry professionals seeking talent for their own projects.

Whether your goal is to become a model or actor, connect with a modeling or talent agency, or to take your experience to the next level in a major market like New York City, our platform can help connect you with the resources to get started.

If you have the passion and desire to be in the industry and you are ready to take the first step, visit our official website, www.latitudetalent.com or  click here to apply

Latitude is not a talent agency, employer or scout; the service is a venue. We do not promise or facilitate employment. We do not guarantee employment, jobs or bookings. Results vary and there are no guarantees concerning the level of success a user may experience. Castings are from third-parties; always independently verify. 

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