Casting Red Flag:

This is a casting red flag. This is an example of an email from a legitimate company that is being impersonated.

Email From:

We are interested in both (Male and female) professionals for a sales commercial coming up which includes a video advert and Co-operate Photo Shoot.

I am Massart (CEO) Massart Photography®️. Interested Models who will be available, are required to mail back with a brief introduction and two recent works, be sure to include your current location in other to be considered for the form application link.


Event Date One : October 25th 2020 and October 30th

Event Date Two : November 17th 2020 and November 20th 2020

* Time : 10 A.M. – 3 P.M

* Nudity: No

* No amount of experience is required. (Free Model Coach accessible upon demand).

Compensation : $2000 while $500 is upfront payment first. (Red Flag, a client never will pay a model a head of time)

Stay safe!

Warmest Regards,

Massart Photography®️ (Red Flag,this is not a real copyright!)

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