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Are you interested in the modeling industry? Are you curious about the ins and outs of this fascinating and unique business? Then you won’t want to miss our podcast, which delves deep into the modeling world and offers insights from industry experts. Just search “Latitude Talent Podcast” or visit us at Whether you’re anContinue reading “Listen to Latitude on Spotify and Apple Podcast”

Body Positivity in Modeling

Body Positivity in the modeling industry is finally a thing. This is an important webinar to watch if you are a model of any shape or size that is trying to get started in the entertainment industry. Watch as Sophia from Latitude Talent Studios New York speaks on all aspects on what it takes toContinue reading “Body Positivity in Modeling”

Are diverse Modeling Agencies a Thing?

Are there such a thing as modeling agencies that work with diverse models? Well it is a thing! Here are three top modeling agencies and services that work with male, female trans and nonbinary talent in New York. What does diversity mean in the modeling industry? Not too long ago, there was only one typeContinue reading “Are diverse Modeling Agencies a Thing?”

5 Modeling Agencies in New Jersey

Modeling in New Jersey is a lot easier than other markets, simply because New York is only a short trip away. Here are 5 modeling agencies to research if traveling is an issue. While applying to agencies is important, so is researching an agency to make sure they are for you is MORE important. HereContinue reading “5 Modeling Agencies in New Jersey”