You should ALWAYS pay for Modeling, here’s why

Did you know that becoming a model is actually possible, if you have the look, drive and ambition. You know you can do it, but how are you going to prove to a modeling agency you have what it takes? As a beginner, it can be really hard to get started. Who do you trust? Is a modeling agent legit? Those are questions you need to ask yourself when getting started.

There are some pretty big differences when it comes to modeling agencies, photographers and modeling schools. Pretty much all modeling schools cost a lot of money to become their student and with good reason. Education is very important however, to become a model you need access to real casting calls. Thats where an agency comes in.
Agencies that represent models on an exclusive basis solely book work for models and actors. They do not focus on development or management. An agency takes 10% from models, plus any expenses FRONTED to the model (test shoots, travel, postage and more)
Managers focus on management of new models, mainly editorial types and work with a models existing portfolio. They will typically charge a model for their photographs if they are in a smaller market. Photography can cost anywhere from $100-$1,000 if the model is in a smaller market.
Is it worth paying to become a model?

As a new model, you have to prove to the agency you have the look. Having a strong portfolio is what can get you signed to an agency, as well is landing casting calls. As a new model, you want to ALWAYS pay for your own marketing. Want to become a model? learn more about getting started with Latitude Talent Studios.

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