Is it hard to be a Model? The untold reality.

Getting started as a model is one of the most difficult professions. It can also be the most rewarding. There are many realities to the industry that people don’t know.

Careers and entertainment are notoriously the most difficult and competitive. Many spend their whole life learning the craft and then when they are finally ready, they seek out representation either through a modeling agent or acting agent. Because there are so many people trying to get into the industry, it is a very difficult business. Anyone that tells you otherwise hasn’t really worked as a model or actor before.

While yes, becoming a model is difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, because of the Internet there are many new outlets and platforms for aspiring models to use. Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter it can help you stand out from others. This can make all the difference if you were trying to get an agent to wrap you or if you’re seeking to land a roll or campaign as a model.

Modeling is more than just a pretty face and posing in front of the camera. It involves submissions to casting agents, updating your photos, working out and eating healthy. Because there has been such a push for alternative looks and diversity in the modeling industry, models of all shapes and sizes regardless of whether or not they work out have a real shot at getting signed. Latitude talent believes every one, regardless of their background, has a shot.

Many new agencies such as we speak management are companies that focus on models of all shapes and sizes.

There are platforms that offer free casting calls as well as private and member only platforms that allow aspiring models the opportunity to access casting calls. Latitude Talent Studios is a great platform if you’re looking to get started as a model.

With a little bit of confidence, and support from friends and family, it can make getting started a bit easier. Once you establish the right tools and have the proper guidance, you are ready to take the leap and become a model.

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