Is Latitude the Best for Models or Actors? Yes.

Latitude Talent Success Stories

Becoming a model has many obstacles for those that don’t know where to get started. For even those that think they know how to get started, they really don’t. Many naysayers will tell you “never pay to be a model (wrong) “. or “you don’t have what it takes, get a real job (wrong)”. Latitude was started to help models and actors of all backgrounds gain experience and access to the castings that are so hard to find.

Is Latitude talent really worth it? Yes. And here’s why.

Good Reviews ( Yup, Very Real Members)

“My experience with Latitude was the best. You can tell, that Latitude really cares about their models and actors in their company. They really help build your portfolio, and gain more experience as a model and a actor. They really seek the best in their talent. I would definitely recommend Latitude, to anyone who is a beginner model and actor. It’s a great place to start off modeling and acting. The people there are so nice, professional, welcoming, and friendly to each person. The person that interviewed me, made me feel comfortable when I was so nervous getting interviewed by them. I was signed on the spot right away. It was such a great experience. I’m so grateful that I was apart of their company, and I still am today. Thank you so much Latitude for everything you did for me!” – Zoie P.

“I definitely would recommend this place to anyone, especially for people that want to get into this type of stuff in the industry for modeling and acting. Me and my twin sister went for our evaluation in the middle of July and we’re signed on the spot, and already landed a couple of casting calls. The staff is really nice and the person that interviewed me and my twin sister made us feel comfortable and we definitely felt very welcomed as we were there. Definitely would recommend this place to beginners for modeling and acting. They help you seek casting calls, and build your portfolio and really seek the best in all of their talent.” – Zada P.

Latitude Talent Reviews

“I rarely write reviews, but the atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming! I went in yesterday and signed on the spot! The information I was provided, the expectations, and overall the walk through was very straight forward; you can tell that Latitude Talent Studious really cares about their talents/models. I am looking forward to see where this modeling career path takes me 🙂 I am very excited and will work hard 10000%!!” – Inji C.

“Really professional, i love the place the and the people are really nice. They try their best to make it work for you ! I definitely recommend.” – Neskin S.

It’s affordable

Models/Actors are independent contractor. That means you do not get a paycheck weekly to complete your job. Models and actors are freelancers, that means that if or when you get a job it’s typically on your own terms and only one project, one time. Many people nowadays are freelancing and replace a full-time jobs because it allows them the opportunities to be able to do things and choose your own schedule.

Freelancing as a model means that you’re an independent contractor and all of the expenses that you incur are yours. So yes, you always cover your own stuff as a model or actor. There are so many people that spend thousands on schools, training and photography, you really should know why and why you’re spending on. Whether you’re a talent member with Latitude online or a talent studio in New York or Miami, everything is extremely affordable as a part of the service. Why? Because talent come first.

Access to Castings, Instantly

Casting agents don’t go online to search for models, they don’t have to. When you’re part of Latitude you instantly gain access to casting opportunities to submit yourself too. Whether it’s a student film, a print role or a major project, you can pick and choose the opportunities you want to submit too. While you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not applying to every opportunity you match, as a freelancer you have that choice to do things on your own terms. It’s important for talent to be realistic, anyone that promises you success isn’t being real. There are never any guarantees in any industry, especially entertainment.


There are casting websites that simply enroll anybody that signs up. Want to join? Go ahead click here! Not Latitude. You are provided with a real guidance from real people at any time. Need help? Simply reach out for any assistance.

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