Fake Casting: project@philipjordanphotos.com

This is an example of a fake casting from “Philip Jordan photography” You can easily spot because they require you to “accept a check” which is not real. Here is an email circulating around.

From: Philip Jordan <project@philipjordanphotos.com>

Thank you for reaching out in regards to the upcoming shoot notice, It would be an honor to work with you. Philip Jordan photography is a leader in professional photography, specializing in portraiture and commercial photography. We have built a distinguished reputation for providing quality service while producing a superior product with highly trained staff of professionals, we have both the knowledge and expertise to create and capture the perfect image of you. Here we are again, calling for an upcoming commercial ad shoot to market collective new year sales catalog for attires, bags, shoes and purses for our reputable Russian based client (AIZEL) who believes in fashionable life style.


Multi-brand boutique, Aizel, and its online sister, Aizel 24/7, embody the concept of modern, upmarket shopping. A hot spot for Russian design talents and a much-talked about shopping place, Aizel is the creation of Aizel Trudel, a representative of Christian Louboutin and Diane von Furstenberg in Russia. Unsurprisingly, the Aizel stores stock the aforementioned brands, and offer an enviable selection of such renowned designers as Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Oscar de la Renta and Mary Katrantzou. Aizel has also collaborated with established Russian brands Viva Vox, A La Russe, Walk of Shame and LUBLU Kira Plastinina, amongst others. and that is why they have decided BlueRay Photography for their Commercial advert work nationwide. For more information, please visit http://www.Aizel.ru/

The commercial photos is for what? This project is aimed at featuring a large collection of designer bags, shoes, apparel, accessories and other items from various designers and manufacturers, to be displayed in an online media ad and electronic billboards nationwide. Our obligation in respect to this piece of project is to generate some marketable commercial advertisement to feature these items, where all models will pose with the various items and exhibit a commercial character to attract consumer’s attention. It’s very simple and works the same as any typical promotional or commercial advert shoot. The end product from the commercial shoot is an online media ad, electronic billboards and network medias that would convince the public to make these collection a top choice among others.

* The event Date:
Event Date 1 : January 22nd, 2022 and January 23rd, 2022
Event Date 2 : January 29th, 2022 and January 30th, 2022

* Time : 10 A.M. – 3 P.M
* Nudity : No
* No level of experience is required. (Free Model Coach available upon request).

*Compensation : The Total money pay for the job is USD 9,500 (Tax deduct-able) and you will get $1000 as your advance/upfront booking fee and balance of USD 8,500 will be paid immediately after the completion of the commercial shoot. This 8,500 also covers for the right of Aizel to use all your commercial videos/commercial shoots made for our own commercial interest for the period of 3 months. That means Aizel is entitled to use the produced shoot for advert work for the period of 3 months only and this will be backed up by a contract. (Advance/Booking ($1000) + Usage rights and Services ($8,500) = $9,500

*Location/Venue of event: The shooting will hold at a rented studio in your location – (we shall arrange a suitable Studio and convey its detail to you unanimously.)

We’ll be responsible for your hair, make up artist and transportation. An advanced deposit/upfront pay of $1000 will be mailed to you to insure your engagement on the upcoming cast with us in line with our business ethics. However, you will NOT only receive a paycheck of $1000 but also an EXTRA amount that you will use to pay for your wardrobe/costume bills which you will forward to the fashion stylist in charge of your Wardrobe/costume along with your measurements.

Actors/Models may attend the shoot with their choice of Friends/Parents/Manager/Spouse/Guardian (maximum of two) and should not arrive audition later than 9:30 a.m. to commence make-ups and attend a brief introductory class about the proposed project and shoot starts by 10:15 a.m. This shoot is going to be fun as different acting characters maybe involved, which is the real sense of this project. Take the courage to participate in this paid and legitimate offer as we look forward to working with you.

Final Note : we recommend that you read the content above OVER AGAIN and do not hesitate to ask question if any. Actors/Models are selected based on their willingness to participate and their agreement to the content of this paid event and readiness to work hard with us. Below are the required payment and sign-up details you are to forward to us for filling and to mail you the aforementioned paycheck for your upfront and wardrobe bills:

1. Your full name
2. Physical address (No P.O.box),
3. City, State
4. Zip code
5. Home contact (Home phone number and Cellphone number)
6. Your age
7. Previous working Experience,
8. 2 Picture photographs.
9. Reference
10. Other Websites (if any) where we can find your online profiles?

Do not hesitate to ask any question if any concerning the detail above. I hope to read from you as soon as possible and we look forward to working with you on this project. Have a wonderful day ahead!

Warmest Regards,
Philip Jordan
Event Director
Philip Jordan Photography®️

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