Are diverse Modeling Agencies a Thing?

Are there such a thing as modeling agencies that work with diverse models? Well it is a thing! Here are three top modeling agencies and services that work with male, female trans and nonbinary talent in New York.

Photo by Radomir Jordanovic – Diverse Modeling Agencies in New York

What does diversity mean in the modeling industry?

Not too long ago, there was only one type of model that was typically marketed to the consumer. Fast forward to 2022 and models of all shapes and sizes are gracing not only magazine covers, but major advertisements for brands throughout the world.

Diversity in modeling means representing a consumer that was typically not value. Now you are seeing major luxury brands such as Gucci, YSL Prada and more that have models that are plus size, black, brown, caucasian and more. It’s a beautiful thing to see! Here are some places to check out in NYC

1. We Speak Models

We Speak model management was the first of their kind to welcome models, especially female plus size models, to their roster.

2. IMG Models

IMG models is not an easy place to apply to, however they have recently opened up their roster to Talent of all shapes and sizes. They are paving the way for other big legacy agencies to be more diverse in their models scouting.

3. Latitude Talent

While Latitude is not a talent agency, they provide new talent with access to casting opportunities both in New York and nationwide. Latitude Talent has great reviews for a reason, they are a wonderful place to get started with.

Think you have what it takes to become a model? Start by researching the companies above. In the meantime, check for free casting calls on different websites to see if you have a chance to get signed!


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