How to Become an Older Female Model

In 2023, models come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Here are some tips for those that consider themselves a bit “older“.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

First, it is important to find an agency that deals with older models. While not all agencies are willing to specialize working with older models on their roster, there are many that do. You should make sure your headshot is professional, and talk to as many agencies as you can. When applying to these agencies, highlight your relevant experience and connections to the field of photography and fashion. Also, be sure to read the submission requirements before submitting your headshots.

Modeling agencies

If you’re over 45 years old and want to become a model, there are several things you need to do to get the attention of modeling agencies. One of the most important factors in being accepted by an agency is experience. Make sure you have a lot of modeling experience and have a lot of customers or references.

Many modeling agencies hire older models. They help companies find models for their advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and magazines. When companies need models, they call the agencies. The first step is to get professional photos. Some agencies may have a formal submission policy, so make sure to follow it closely.

Many older female models can work in areas like print catalogs or advertising. Many people relate to an older person in an advertisement than to someone younger. Usually, these jobs are in large cities, such as Los Angeles or New York. Most top modeling agencies have offices in these cities, so it’s easier to get noticed there.

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