Is Modeling Free? Here is what agencies expect.

Starting out as a model can be a fun way to make money and meet new people. Here are the costs models should expect to cover if you are seeking a modeling agency.

Photo by Marlene Leppu00e4nen

Many people wonder if becoming a model is free. With the rise of social media, aspiring models can make claims that modeling is free without having any real experience or knowledge on what it actually entails. Here are 3 costs agencies expect their models to cover.

1.) Headshots/ Portfolio

Any model should expect to start a model portfolio. Those pictures your friend took or you, or your aunt’s friend, cannot be used. Why? Because agencies need professional materials to send to clients and you need a copyright release from the photographer. While some modeling agencies will give you a referral to photographers, many have ones they like to use. Don’t spend too much on photographs, those are not needed. Simple test shoots are what agencies look for, not over glamorized, highly edited photographs.

2.) Web Fee’s

Many agencies use breakdown services or casting services to upload and submit talent to castings. Those fee’s are passed down to the model either through bookings or a flat rate. These are very common across modeling agencies of all sizes, big or small.

3.) Classes/Training

Modeling schools or training are not required however some agencies require models to take classes, especially on runway walking. To avoid this, practice on your own by watching videos on Youtube or listening to model podcasts and webinars.

How can you become a model for free?

Nothing in life is free, however there are ways to get started as a model without breaking the bank. Platforms like Latitude are the best way to get started. Click here to apply.

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