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Model Agencies Open Call Time and Dates for 2021

Searching for open calls for models is very hard, especially in 2021 and beyond as now castings are all practically done online. Prior to covid, very few agencies allowed models to come in their doors for an open call evaluation as most scouting can be done online. Here is an updated list of Modeling Agencies and open call times.

Boon Modeling Agency – 1441 Broadway Suite #3157, New York, NY 10018 (No Open Call Dates, Submit Online

Exxcel Models and Talent – 1460 Broadway 11 fl, New York, NY 10036 (Currently Closed, Not accepting any talent)

DNA Model Management – 555 W 25th St #6, New York, NY 10001 (Will not host open call to public, submit online)

Latitude Talent Studios – 545 8th Avenue, Suite 1270 New York NY (Evaualtion for Service by Appointment, No Open Call)

VNY Model Management (Website Lists Open Calls on Tuesdays however please contact directly to confirm)

You should ALWAYS pay for Modeling, here’s why

Did you know that becoming a model is actually possible, if you have the look, drive and ambition. You know you can do it, but how are you going to prove to a modeling agency you have what it takes? As a beginner, it can be really hard to get started. Who do you trust? Is a modeling agent legit? Those are questions you need to ask yourself when getting started.

There are some pretty big differences when it comes to modeling agencies, photographers and modeling schools. Pretty much all modeling schools cost a lot of money to become their student and with good reason. Education is very important however, to become a model you need access to real casting calls. Thats where an agency comes in.
Agencies that represent models on an exclusive basis solely book work for models and actors. They do not focus on development or management. An agency takes 10% from models, plus any expenses FRONTED to the model (test shoots, travel, postage and more)
Managers focus on management of new models, mainly editorial types and work with a models existing portfolio. They will typically charge a model for their photographs if they are in a smaller market. Photography can cost anywhere from $100-$1,000 if the model is in a smaller market.
Is it worth paying to become a model?

As a new model, you have to prove to the agency you have the look. Having a strong portfolio is what can get you signed to an agency, as well is landing casting calls. As a new model, you want to ALWAYS pay for your own marketing. Want to become a model? learn more about getting started with Latitude Talent Studios.

Is it hard to get into a modeling agency?

Is it hard to get into a modeling agency? Well if it was that simple, everyone would have a modeling agent! Here is the truth on the realities of getting signed to a modeling agency and how to get the attention of a modeling scout. To break it down for beginner models, remember to understand this industry is hard and the client chooses who they want for their own project. Never expect an agent to pay for you to start out, that is a common misconception uneducated models have, from how bookings worked in the past.

While it used to be that getting signed to an agency was the only way a model could get gigs, now a days because of social media and the internet, many models and actors alike can find free casting calls and gigs online. Getting signed to a modeling agency is very, very hard since any legitimate modeling agency will only work with an experienced model.

If your goal is to land a modeling agency, a great and easy way to get signed is to get the attention of a modeling scout is to have a portfolio built with some casting calls under your belt. It isn’t worth breaking the bank over, many companies will be reasonable to help you start. Always research who you apply to before the fact, not after.

Talent marketing companies, such as Latitude Talent Studios in New York have an excellent reputation for helping models start and grow, you can apply to them here.

Should you pay a modeling agency?

Should you pay a modeling agency? What should you do if a modeling agency wants you to pay them? Is it normal to be required to pay a fee to join them? There is such a hype and misconception on who pays for what when a beginner model gets signed. This is the real truth no one will tell you.
Back in the 1980’s a model could be expected to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for bookings. Major agencies like Ford Models were at the for front, discovering models in malls and subways. Back then, it was normal for the agency to pay to develop the model starting out, in hopes of earning it back when they book something. 
Fast forward to 2021 – NO modeling agency is going to pay for your portfolio! Period. Like another career, you have to have actual experience in front of the camera. Regardless of what you heard online, any real model signed with an agency will tell you they all charge hundreds of dollars on website fee’s and marketing. If you are signed exclusively with a big agency, some of these costs may be fronted to you however, this is rare and only reserved for editorial models. 
Have you applied to agencies and not heard back? Well the truth is model managers manage the careers of established talent, they do not help you start or grow.

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Are Photoshoots Worth it?

Are expensive photography shoots worth it? More often, we are seeking many new face beginner models come in the Latitude office with portfolios they have purchased from “modeling studios”. While some pictures are great to start out, many are simply wasting thousands of dollars when they do not need to. Here is the truth about photography.

Head shots are a must for any actor. Same with a portfolio. What about spending $4,000 for a photography shoot? That is what some models are spending on shoots from questionable photographers. Not only is it unneeded (no agency will charge you that much for a real photo shoot) and agency that DOES want you, will then expect for you to shoot with their photographers.

As an upcoming model or actor you of course need to invest however, it is VERY important to check out who you are working with and what they can offer you. Not only is Latitude the best way to get started as a model or actor, we are the most affordable option.

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