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Latitude Talent Evaluation – Why Latitude works?

At Latitude Talent Studios, our boutique company was designed to assist models, actors and influencers in attaining their goals; whether that goal is simply build or start a portfolio, or to obtain exposure in a major market. Our personalized service provides talent of all backgrounds with the tools necessary to be start out, while being offered the personal attention to overall growth in the entertainment community.

How do we do this? We understand that talent are just getting started or have been unsuccessful (its very hard to get started in NYC) in previous attempts to start their journey in entertainment. As you embark on this new journey, we are on board to provide the best guidance available. We do this as part of our service.

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Can you Just Walk into a Modeling Agency?

Only if you are crazy! Here’s the truth about what modeling agents want to see!

Can you just walk into a modeling agency? That is a question so many beginner models have when trying to get scouted. Even though the internet is filled with tips and tutorials on how to become a model, or what modeling agents scout and look for, very few talent are actually signed by an agency and even fewer really even know what the modeling industry entails.

In fact, less than 5% of working models are signed with an exclusive agency. So with that said, walking into an agency is not your only option.

To start off and answer the main question, if walking into an agency as a model is acceptable: No, it is never acceptable to walk into a modeling agency unannounced or without an appointment. In fact, it can actually hurt your your chances of getting signed.

Casting Red Flag:

This is a casting red flag. This is an example of an email from a legitimate company that is being impersonated.

Email From:

We are interested in both (Male and female) professionals for a sales commercial coming up which includes a video advert and Co-operate Photo Shoot.

I am Massart (CEO) Massart Photography®️. Interested Models who will be available, are required to mail back with a brief introduction and two recent works, be sure to include your current location in other to be considered for the form application link.


Event Date One : October 25th 2020 and October 30th

Event Date Two : November 17th 2020 and November 20th 2020

* Time : 10 A.M. – 3 P.M

* Nudity: No

* No amount of experience is required. (Free Model Coach accessible upon demand).

Compensation : $2000 while $500 is upfront payment first. (Red Flag, a client never will pay a model a head of time)

Stay safe!

Warmest Regards,

Massart Photography®️ (Red Flag,this is not a real copyright!)

Modeling in New York: CAsting Red Flag!

When becoming a model in New York, the first step besides getting your marketing in order, is making sure you find the castings to apply to. The more exposure, the better!

Upcoming models need to always look out for common red flags when it comes to finding casting calls.

A common red flag is castings that have common spelling errors. Not only are they not professional, it could be someone impersonating an actual brand.

Another common red flag is a casting call that requires you to advance them money. An example is a casting client “booking you for a job” but telling you to mail them a check or money order for a shoot. This is NOT legit! A real gig will never ask you to send them a money before you complete the project!

Always do your homework when it comes to working with a casting call client. A simple google search with the email address can come up with any complaints or related casting calls. For more articles, check out the Latitude Talent Blog!