Bad Casting Example – The Famous Photographer

It’s hard to figure out what castings are legit and what are not. While there are easy ways to try to verify, it becomes harder when a casting client is using the name of an actual person. Here is an example of a fake casting call email.

Photo by cottonbro on

<> wrote:


We got your personal information as required by the company and it will be profiled and updated so you are  welcome aboard to Caleb McWhorter Photography, We urge you to be patient as we reveal to you every document containing the contract and some other vital documents. Your part-payment check will come first so as to prompt model/actor’s hard work and commitment to this project, this will be delivered via a courier service to your provided home or office address so be aware as we keep you updated daily and make sure you cross check the address you provided us with from your last email and confirm if it is correct. Your clothing/wardrobe will be shipped to you by a fashion stylist after we pass all requests for your wardrobe to them. Your measurement and payment for your wardrobe shall be forwarded to the stylist after you must have received payment from us, reason being that the payment has to be made or billed to your name to ensure a tallied customization and print/label on your wardrobe as the requested terms by the designer. Please be informed that you are NOT responsible for the funds that you will use to pay for your wardrobe, the funds will be mailed in one payment to you alongside with that of your upfront/booking payment(i.e Your advanced payment AMOUNT, plus extra amount for wardrobe cost, insurance and shipping fee all on one check). As soon as you receive the check and deduct AMOUNT endorsed for your advance pay, the rest of the funds are meant for your wardrobe, customization, Shipment insurance and shipment charges.

Attached to this email is a simple contract agreement i will need you to endorse by printing it out, reading and signing on it with your signatures, then email me back with a scan copy for records or a Photo pic of the signed contract letter using your phone camera, then have it emailed to us from your phone. It is of high importance you get back to us with the contract form attached to this email under the next 24hr clock.

Shoe size :
Shirt size :
Pant size :
Boot size :
Jean size :
Bust (If Applicable) :
Waist (If Applicable) :
Hips (If Applicable) :
Weight (If Applicable) :
Height :

P.S : It’s of best interest that you get back to us under the next 24hour clock with your measurements and signed copy of the contract letter attached to this email in order to facilitate the whole process. Thank you for your anticipation.

Remember, as a model or actor you are never prepaid in advance of a booking. Also, if someone is requiring you to print out a check and deposit it, it is not real!

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