Is Latitude a photography studio?

No, and research any place you go to thoroughly. No. While our New York office has an in-house studio, we do not have photography packages. In fact, we recommend new models and actors to NEVER spend thousands on photography. They are simply useless if you do not have access to the projects to connect too. LatitudeContinue reading “Is Latitude a photography studio?”

This is Latitude

At Latitude, our philosophy is simple, yet is the key to our success: our talent are number one. Latitude is a tech-powered platform for models and actors that connects talent to casting call opportunities in their market.  Our talent studio in New York also allows talent to create unique, high-impact content designed to resonate withContinue reading “This is Latitude”

Is it hard to be a Model? The untold reality.

Getting started as a model is one of the most difficult professions. It can also be the most rewarding. There are many realities to the industry that people don’t know. Careers and entertainment are notoriously the most difficult and competitive. Many spend their whole life learning the craft and then when they are finally ready,Continue reading “Is it hard to be a Model? The untold reality.”

Casting Redflag:

When an Email Poses as a Famous Photographer or Famous Brand… Check out this great guide here: and read an example of a casting red flag below. NO one ever sends you a check or asks for a social security number through text message! Jeff Suttle <> wrote: Thanks for reaching out in regardsContinue reading “Casting Redflag:”

What’s the Cost to Get Started in the Acting and Modeling Industry?

Whats it cost to become a model or actor? Well that varies on the agency and market. You see, agencies in smaller markets like PA or NJ or even Miami don’t have the resources to fund a new model or actor. Many coming in already have to have the right materials for them to use.Continue reading “What’s the Cost to Get Started in the Acting and Modeling Industry?”

Getting Started with Latitude: Our Cost

If you’re looking to become a model or actor, Latitude Talent Studios cost is very affordable and is a great start for any beginner. In fact, they are the cheapest (and best) anywhere in New York. As a talent marketing service we specialize in helping beginners develop the materials they need for exceptional marketing, asContinue reading “Getting Started with Latitude: Our Cost”