Fake Casting Notice: Here is an example!

From: Keitravis Squire <keitravissquirephotos@gmail.com>Date: Mon, Nov 22, 2021, 12:34 PM My name is John W. Wallace Jr, a freelance photographer and casting director for Keitravis Squire Photography. I wish to confirm receipt of your email regarding your interest in the upcoming shoot, Thank you and it would be an honor to work with you. For more informationContinue reading “Fake Casting Notice: Here is an example!”

Bad Casting Example – The Famous Photographer

It’s hard to figure out what castings are legit and what are not. While there are easy ways to try to verify, it becomes harder when a casting client is using the name of an actual person. Here is an example of a fake casting call email. <benjaminwilly245@gmail.com> wrote: Hello, We got your personal informationContinue reading “Bad Casting Example – The Famous Photographer”


In the modeling and acting industry, auditions are usually physical. Talents would report to the audition venue and would be tested by the directors for the roles they’re applying for. Technology has changed the way auditions take place.  Today, it’s common for aspiring models to send in their self-tape auditions from their location to clientsContinue reading “BASICS OF A SELF-TAPE AUDITION”

Is Latitude a photography studio?

No, and research any place you go to thoroughly. No. While our New York office has an in-house studio, we do not have photography packages. In fact, we recommend new models and actors to NEVER spend thousands on photography. They are simply useless if you do not have access to the projects to connect too. LatitudeContinue reading “Is Latitude a photography studio?”

This is Latitude

At Latitude, our philosophy is simple, yet is the key to our success: our talent are number one. Latitude is a tech-powered platform for models and actors that connects talent to casting call opportunities in their market.  Our talent studio in New York also allows talent to create unique, high-impact content designed to resonate withContinue reading “This is Latitude”

Is it hard to be a Model? The untold reality.

Getting started as a model is one of the most difficult professions. It can also be the most rewarding. There are many realities to the industry that people don’t know. Careers and entertainment are notoriously the most difficult and competitive. Many spend their whole life learning the craft and then when they are finally ready,Continue reading “Is it hard to be a Model? The untold reality.”