How Models Stay Safe Online

Since becoming a model requires talent to submit to agencies and castings online, it is more important than ever to be on the look out for red flags. Here are some tips to stay safe online.

Model Safety is Important

One of the most important things you should do is to make sure that your identity is protected when using the internet. Unfortunately, as a model seeing exposure, it can be hard to trust people as some use the internet for malicious purposes.. You should also learn how to stay safe online. The tips below can help you keep yourself safe on the internet. Listed below are some of the most effective ways to protect your identity when using the Internet.

– Check the website’s security certificate. Not every website is secure. Ensure that the address starts with “https”. You can also block people on social networks. Look out for websites that use a lot of stock images as any agency would have many of their own talent featured on there.

– Create a strong password on any website you use.

On top of these tips above, here are 4 tips for new models from Latitude Talent to look out for.

Rule Number 1: Never Communicate with a “Model Scout” on Applications such as WhatsAPP, SnapChat or Instagram. Any legit agency or scout will allow you to submit only on their official websites.

Rule Number 2: Never accept a check for a project you didn’t complete in person.

Rule Number 3: Always check for reviews online prior to meeting a company.

Rule Number 4: Never make a deposit on the phone for a shoot that you did not first attend. If an agency likes you, they will get you on a shoot after meeting with you.

At Latitude, the safety of our members and aspiring talent is very important. Since 2017, we have worked with numerous models and actors who are looking to start their journey and have dozens of online reviews and success stories. Latitude is the best tech-platform for models and actors. Become a model here.

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