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Why a Model should ALWAYS pay for their own Photographs

Yes, a Model should ALWAYS pay for their own Photographs – here’s why

Thinking about becoming a model? One of the first things that any new model does to get started is typically seek out modeling agencies, mostly in major markets such as Manhattan New York, Miami Florida or Los Angeles and then apply to every talent agency that they can find. But the rise of social media, it is easier than ever to find a photographer to take your photos for free.

Many models will consult with the photographer and arrange a trade for pictures commonly referred to as TFP.

For those just starting out, or those with a limited budget, getting free photos from a photographer online might seem like a great deal. What do you have to lose? Well not only does this cost you more money in the long run, as a model you do not own the copyright to these photographs.

Does a copyright matter? Well typically if you hire a photographer or even consult with a TFP arrangement with the photographer, you do not own the copyright and these photos can be used for whatever the photographer wants.

Let’s say at 16 years old you want to become a model and you meet with the photographer you met online like on Instragram. They do a couple photos and head shots and three years from now when your career is actually blown up, let’s say you actually sign with a modeling agency and are getting some major bookings, the photographer could then go and resell all the photos, or possibly even advertise them for products that you wouldn’t want your face on. This can be very detrimental to a career for a model or actor.

Many unexperienced models assume that photography and investment costs to get started are always covered by an agency. Not only is this wrong, it’s never free to start something that you are passionate about. Gone are the days when a modeling agency would cover all of the start up costs. Whether it was 1999 or 2019, all agencies recoup the cost to they invested in a model, whether upfront (most common in 2019) or after they book projects.

Invest a few dollars it takes into getting real quality marketing materials and use those to start your own career. Trade for pictures is great if you are looking to get comfortable in front of the camera however for many models and actors, it will not put you in the direction that you need to become successful.

The Cost of Modeling and Acting Professionally

The Cost of Modeling and Acting Professionally
To become a model or actor, it is like any thing in life; it takes hard work, willingness to learn, dedication and investment in yourself and the art of the craft. With so many articles written from people claiming to know the entertainment industry and how it “really works” it is important that correct and accurate information be available to those models and actors looking to start out.
Hard Work: It’s Not Easy
Anything worth it is not easy. Latitude Talent Studios was started to help new talent gain the tools and experience in entertainment. Traditionally, a new model or actor had only choice to get started: get signed by an agency.
The fact is, real talent agencies don’t want to work with new talent starting out and why would they? They earn a commission on projects you book so if you never book anything, they just wasted their time. Also, less than 5% of people are actually signed to an agency so the chances of landing a agent is very slim for starters.
Like anything – It’s never free
The modeling industry has changed a lot since the 1970’s when the rumor of “free modeling” started. This was when print and magazine ads were at an all time high and then agencies, like Ford Models and Elite would sign top models and pay for everything. That was also when a model could get paid “$10,000 a day” Name a model in 2019 that has their own lane in modeling.
Modeling has changed with Instagram and Social media taking reign. You as an actor or model should always expect to cover your own cost for modeling like web profiles and head shots however keep it cheap, anything that costs thousands of dollars is not worth it.
Don’t waste time if your not serious
It’s one thing to think about something, its another to actually do it. If your passion is modeling and acting, you actually have to be out there to try it. Sitting at home will get you no where. Also, be educated and research any company you submit your information too.
Get Real Professional Help
To become a model or actor, you need to access opportunities to find casting calls and open calls. Latitude Talent Studios is a talent marketing service that helps talent get started. With our talent finding success in so many places, it is a no brainer: Latitude Talent works hard for our talent.

Start with Latitude Talent

Latitude Talent Studios is a New York based talent marketing company that helps connect models and actors with the tools, resources and exposure for success and the entertainment community.

Our talent can be seen in so many places, simply because they are provided with the best opportunities for success. Connecting our talent with a range of opportunities to start or build a path in entertainment, our industry-grade tools and marketing help any talent, regardless of their experience level get started in the competitive New York market.

As always, it is important to make sure that you research any perspective company that you get started it. Be sure to read our recent success stories and reviews from talent who have worked with Latitude.

If you have the desire to get started, take the first step to become a model or actor and apply here.

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Four Industry Tips to Becoming a Model

Modeling can be more than a dream, it can become your reality with hard work and dedication. However, the problem is not with sustaining a career in entertainment, it is first figuring out how to get started that is an issue for many models. So the question remains, how can you become a model without any experience or training? This article will cover 4 industry tips to streamline the process of becoming a model in the 21st century.

Latitude Talent_1362

Tip 1: Focus on Building Your Book First

Many models simply think that getting started as a model is easy; apply to every and any modeling agency as possible to get signed. While this may work for a very select few, for 95% of models looking to get started, you will instantly be shown the door without a portfolio. Why is that you may ask? A model may look great in person, but without evidence that you are actually photogenic or bookable, an agency will not invest in a new face talent unless they actually pose a shot at booking.

Researching photographers when starting is the best bet to get signed to an agency. Reputable photographers do not come cheap; market rate in New York city is typically $600+ per look with a 4 look portfolio being the standard. You can find more affordable solutions however this should not compromise quality.

Finding a photographer that can showcase your look is key. In-studio shoots are fine for commercial talent (those under 5’6 as a female and under 6’0 feet for males) however outdoor shoots are preferable as natural lighting is always the best. Studio shoots can hide flaws and modeling agencies want to see fresh faced models.

become a model with latitude talent
Latitude Talent Studios

Tip 2: Master your Interview Skills

While your look gets you in the door, your personality is what sells you to a modeling agency. When arriving to a casting call, audition or gig, arrive on time– not too early, with your book (aka portfolio) ready. Showing photographs on a phone is not professional as agencies see dozens of talent at one time and shows that you are not a serious talent. Guests, unless you are under the age of 18, are typically not allowed at a casting call. Always dress the part with the focus being on your face, not the clothing. Flashy clothing and those with logos should be avoided. Keep hair clean and for female models, keep makeup simple. Avoid bright colors and keep jewelry to a minimum at a casting call.


Tip 3: Find Casting Calls

Finding casting calls as a model is one of the more difficult tasks as they are not typically posted publicly. The reason for this is that modeling casting calls and jobs are very size specific. While there are many public castings, it can be time consuming and costly to access.

Tip 4: Get the Help of a Professional

Becoming a model can be done on your own however just like building a house, you should seek the help of a professional. Talent marketing companies such as Latitude Talent Studios differ then an agency and help models get started in entertainment. Latitude connects talent to the tools and resources for success. With industry tools, videos, a roster of over 100+ modeling agencies and updated casting calls for their talent allow a streamline, reputable process for models and actors of all experience levels.

If becoming a model is your passion, take the first step and apply online now at https://www.latitudetalent.com/join

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