Modeling in New York – The truth about getting scouted

As a new model, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the best help possible. Who do you know you can trust? How do you know a company is legit? You have to make sure you do your homework and read real reviews from actual talent, not reviews from people that want to get signed an agency or have been declined from an agency, it happens all the time.

Modeling Agencies – Best Ones in New York

As a beginner model it is very important to get as much exposure as possible. Whether that is consistently posting on Instagram or submitting your photos to a variety of modeling agencies, New York has some of the top Modeling Agencies for Models Actors and Talent of all backgrounds and looks.

You should ALWAYS pay for Modeling, here’s why

Did you know that becoming a model is actually possible, if you have the look, drive and ambition. You know you can do it, but how¬†are you going to prove to a modeling agency you have what it takes? As a beginner, it can be really hard to get started. Who do you trust? IsContinue reading “You should ALWAYS pay for Modeling, here’s why”

Should you pay a modeling agency?

Should you pay a modeling agency? What should you do if a modeling agency wants you to pay them? Is it normal to be required to pay a fee to join them? There is such a hype and misconception on who pays for what when a beginner model gets signed. This is the real truthContinue reading “Should you pay a modeling agency?”

Are Photoshoots Worth it?

Are expensive photography shoots worth it? More often, we are seeking many new face beginner models come in the Latitude office with portfolios they have purchased from “modeling studios”. While some pictures are great to start out, many are simply wasting thousands of dollars when they do not need to. Here is the truth aboutContinue reading “Are Photoshoots Worth it?”