Casting Red Flag:

This is an example of casting red flag, read below… can you spot why it is off? “We have reviewed your casting submission and you have been selected for the T-Mobile US, Inc test shoot. We are organizing a test shoot for this project, If you don’t mind I’d just like to check your availabilityContinue reading “Casting Red Flag:”

Latitude Talent Evaluation – Why Latitude works?

At Latitude Talent Studios, our boutique company was designed to assist models, actors and influencers in attaining their goals; whether that goal is simply build or start a portfolio, or to obtain exposure in a major market. Our personalized service provides talent of all backgrounds with the tools necessary to be start out, while beingContinue reading “Latitude Talent Evaluation – Why Latitude works?”

Modeling in New York: CAsting Red Flag!

When becoming a model in New York, the first step besides getting your marketing in order, is making sure you find the castings to apply to. The more exposure, the better! Upcoming models need to always look out for common red flags when it comes to finding casting calls. A common red flag is castingsContinue reading “Modeling in New York: CAsting Red Flag!”